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“Life Candy.” Pedro Bonnin. Anthony Hunter. America Martin. Shinji Murakami. James Verbicky.


Artist Reception: Thursday, December 4th, 2014 from 6-8 pm to coincide with Laguna Beach Art Walk
Showing: December 1st, 2014 – January 31st, 2015
Please RSVP: 949.510.5481 by December 1st, 2014

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“Life Candy Part II.” Jane Maxwell. Brooke Shaden. Jane Cruder. Jhina Alvarado.

Showing: January 1st, 2014 – January 31st, 2015


Life Candy II brings together a diverse selection of artists – Jhina Alvarado, Jana Cruder, Jane Maxwell, and Brooke Shaden – all of whom are united by an interest in female subjects. Whether exploring the place of women in the media or using otherworldly female figures to create modern fairytales, these artists deliver work that is sure to incite a dialogue. 


Jane Maxwell’s bold collages combine images from print media with the superimposed outlines of idealized female figures. These faceless silhouettes invite the viewer to question the narrow confines of female identity set forth in American culture. Maxwell’s bright pieces are both playful and critical, exploring both the visceral appeal and the problematic messages of the fashion and beauty complex.


Jhina Alvarado is similarly fascinated by the power of found images. Instead of incorporating them via collage, however, Alvarado brings fleeting moments from the past to life by recreating the worlds of vintage photographs. Alvarado’s technique, which combines oil paint with a coat of matte encaustic, allows viewers to see these scenes through the haze of memory and lost time.


Photographer Brooke Shaden is equally invested in transporting viewers to alternate worlds, in her case the realms of the imagination. Through an elaborate digital editing process, Shaden creates lush, surreal dreamscapes that often focus on an anonymous female subject. Characterized by a rich palette and square format, Shaden’s work evokes the feel of entering a storybook.


Though Jana Cruder is also a photographer, she approaches the medium from quite a different perspective. Inspired by her time as a commercial fashion photographer, Cruder creates narrative-based series that frequently question the role of the media and technology in contemporary life.

These artists will inspire, provoke, engage and mesmerize. With visual perceptions always changing, peek behind the stories told and you're sure to find the right artistic expression!

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