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Charles Patrick


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Artist Bio

CHARLES PATRICK - The Butterfly, a favored subject matter in contemporary art, is fully reimagined by Charles Patrick and presented to the viewer in a dynamic way.


While the observer may assume Charles Patrick’s work is a construct of specific meaning, any derived metaphor is far from intentional.  The artist notes, "I never thought of any symbolism, like the money is flying away, or fleeting. I don't really have an affinity for butterflies, and I never read a comic book in my life. I just think the colors are fantastic. But that's not what it's about. It's about just using these organic shapes to make something else."


Despite this point of view, the emblematic nature is undeniably present.  Symbolic of metamorphosis and the antithesis of remaining static, a butterfly aptly lends itself to reinterpretation.  So too, does the life of the artist and viewer alike.  In an environment tirelessly changing, solace can be found in the notion of transforming an object of nostalgia into a representation of movement.  The tangible memory of a treasured comic book or a beloved childhood story is reformed into a new object of love. 



Artist Statement

Saint Paul’s Nursery School 

August 1976 



Dear Mr. and Mrs. Patrick, 


Summer is almost over and Charles will be on his way to kindergarten. I hope he is looking forward to it. It seems like I should have seen you at the beach, more than once, this year and perhaps I will see again, before the summer is over. 


For the most part, I think Charles had a good year at St. Paul’s. By the end of the year, we felt Charles had gained dependency on the group and the teachers, rather than the small group of friends and devices he had earlier depended on for relaxation and security. He began to reach out into new activities, on his own, self-directed and motivated. Charles had developed rhythm in his daily habits, and appears very happy and content. Naturally, we were so pleased. 


Charles shows good control. He is neither under active nor over active— quite predictable. His motor skills are adequate for his age; his language skills more advanced (vocabulary, diction, sentence structure, etc.). He frequently contributed to group discussion and is a talker when close to friends, to the point of being distracted. 


By the last few months, Charles appeared interested in many more activities, than building with blocks. In fact, he did less block building and centered his play around the art media (paint, clay, crayons, etc.) to express creativity and more play with the small manipulative games and toys. He is very conscientious and usually cooperative. He appeared quite persistent. 


Charles seems to move cautiously in many directions. He did not adapt easily to new surroundings or people and my hunch is that he may always be that way. The anxiousness he feels is expressed the moment he feels things have changed. We knew when things were not right for Charles, almost immediately, when we looked at him. My experience has taught me that children who are cautions and excel academically or can achieve easily are better students than those who are bright but jump into every situation, without thinking. 


I do think Charles should do well in school. He is a thinker – curious and enthusiastic about learning. In many ways, Charles was a challenge to us, in September. We wanted so much for him to share with the group and feel comfortable enough to learn what we had to share with him. I feel we succeeded, I hope so, the change we noticed in May and June in Charles’s general feeling of well being more than please us. 


Do bring him back to visit. Hope to see you soon. 



Aileen Quinty 

Saint Paul’s Nursery School 

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church 





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