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Jada + Jon

Artist Bio

Exploring American heritage and identity, Jada and Jon’s process of reworking and recycling old vintage pieces combines American craft with art history. Delving into concepts of utility, community, individuality, and symbolism—their unique aesthetic invites a deeper understanding of folk art and its role in people’s lives. Embellishing, painting, and embroidering their discoveries, Jada and Jon’s decorations reflect cultural ideas, prevailing trends, and the elevation of mundane objects into works of art. No rain, no flowers.

Artist Statement

Inspired by growing up in Los Angeles, surrounded by the mixture of cultures and art, the ‘Seeing America’ collection features 6 unique pieces that showcase the friendship and collaboration of Jada & Jon and America Martin.

Hand crafted using vintage textiles, an antique embroidery machine and paint, these pieces tie together classic American heritage with contemporary design. In a world of mass production and “fast fashion” we have created something for people that are looking for that one off, custom, handmade, totally unique piece.

We also love to create custom hats and boots from original pieces made in the USA long ago when quality was held dearly above quantity.  We re-style and re-shape them by hand, giving them new life.