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Jana Cruder

Artist Statement

“HERSTORY” by Jana Cruder, 2021

Jana Cruder’s latest fine art photographic series HERSTORY is a panorama of candy colored scenes. It’s a look into the complexities of feminism, the tiresome and callow demands of the patriarchy and the aftershock of relentless cultural programming.

In this series she is entering her sexual prime and her biological clock is ticking. We find our main character exploring liberation from cultural norms. She’s earning her own money, while feeling disillusioned by the daily corruption, exploitation and entrenched racism in her culture. She’s feeling the pull of the expected domestic life, while trying to find the right relationship with puzzling capitalistic symbols of happiness. She starts an exploration into alternate realities and psychedelics. It all opens her, and her comrades, to possibilities far beyond what they were told to want. As she becomes more aware of the inner-workings of the MANufactured world, she feels her reality polarize between her call to be active in the world and the potential of motherhood.

HERSTORY is set in the 1970s, an era not unlike today – an era of cultural awakening (and resistance) to the symbiotic relationship of existence.


  • August 2016
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