Mandy Racine
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Mandy Racine

Artist Bio

“Painting takes me to another place, my own special world inspired by the old masters & Baroque and Rococo imagery. I’m inspired by the composition, color & flow of the works and love to put my own contemporary twist on it, painting in a very gestural, energetic way.”

Born in Scotland & growing up mainly in the south of England, Mandy undertook a Foundation Course in Art (passed with Merit) and went on to achieve a degree in Fine Art at West Surrey College of Art & Design, UK. For a number of years, she carried out book illustration projects with several published. In 2000 Mandy moved to Mallorca, Spain where she worked as a specialist painter on interior design projects for numerous clients before realizing her dream to paint from her studio as a full-time artist.

Mandy works mainly with acrylic paint, charcoal & pastel, constantly experimenting with textures & layers to convey dynamic flow & movement. Painting in a very expressive way, abstract elements are explored in her figurative/abstract subjects and the spaces in between.

Her work has been exhibited throughout the UK where she had gallery representation, Spain, France & the US and is in private collections around the world. Mandy was featured in Saatchi Art’s Collection ‘Best Selling Women Artists of All Time’ in 2020. Recently her work has been widely publicized across various media including the New York Times due to her portraits being featured in luxury suites at Fouquet’s New York Hotel. Mandy is proud to undertake collaborations with charities such as Art on A Postcard (in aid of Hepatitis C), and 4bySix painting a panel from a London bus to raise funds for homelessness.