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Artist Bio

PunkMeTender (b. 1982, Paris, France) has been creating multimedia art, installations, and murals in Los Angeles since 2000. Influenced by art, fashion, and music, his moniker combines his admiration for the legendary Elvis Presley with Daft Punk. Introduced to street art early on his career by Thiery Guetta (Mr. Brainwash), the two artists collaborated together for over fifteen years. Initially creating illegally on billboards or walls in the cover of night, PunkMeTender’s focus shifted to fine art and mural installation.

Inspired by butterflies and the freedom, spirit, and beauty they represent, their silhouette has become a constant in his work. Incorporating three-dimensional butterflies into his canvases and murals alike, their sculptural shapes create the illusion of flight. Designed with his audience in mind, PunkMeTender’s art is intended to be photographed, posed with, and shared on social media, resulting in viewers’ reimagining their own environments and realities.