Sarah Philouze
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Sarah Philouze

Artist Bio

Sarah Philouze is a French large-scale installation artist based in New York City. Her practice is inspired by all kinds of fractals and repeating patterns found in nature. Her work intentionally makes identity from the original organic element, creating armies of organic elements that represent as a united collective through repetition.

In her early age, the artist created a “cabinet de curiosités” where she collected plant specimens and random organic elements she found, curious about all the shapes and colors nature could provide.

Years later and enrolled at an Art school in Paris, she explored different materials and textures and her practice became scenographic, exploring how these collections of curious objects from nature could fit into space.

Since 2015, Sarah Philouze developed her own molding and casting technique to create thousands of variations of a unique element. She started experimenting with size, shape and material nearly like an industrial process. She is playing with colors and pigments to create a varying gradient enjoying the random, almost unpredictable end-result.

Each molded element becomes a module that she places on large-scale wall displays with varying density in order to form abstract shapes and imaginary landscapes.

Her work is expressing, in a very literal way, the force of nature.