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JoAnne Artman Gallery presents vibrant and eclectic exhibitions by award-winning artists in Laguna Beach, CA and New York, NY.


Her roster of artists are rooted in her obvious passion for the artist's individual voice and mastery of technique. All artists are award-winning, and their works have been shown and collected in museums and private collections in Southern California, around the country and internationally.





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Contact the JoAnne Artman Gallery

511 A West 22nd Street | New York, New York 10011
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Phone: 949.510.5481
E-Mail: joanneartman@aol.com 

The gallery is open on Tues-Sat from 10-6 and by appointment. 

Artist Submission Policy
We are not currently reviewing portfolios. If interested in submitting we accept at maximum three jpeg images emailed to joanneartman@aol.com. We will contact you if the work fits the gallery program.




JoAnne Artman Gallery Opens in Chelsea

NYC Fall 2015
By JT Marlowe






What’s in a name? Think contender. Think On the Waterfront. Iconic Brando and “I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender” and all that. Great film like great art is the currency of our culture. Now think Chelsea, NYC. Iconic global center of contemporary art…sophisticated urban grit, raw and stimulating. It’s all here in a name. The instinct to re-invent, re-imagine is never lost.


Welcome a new contender and name on Chelsea’s historic streets of immigrant survival. JoAnne Artman brings her cadre of artists, internationally exhibited and award-winning with works that have been shown and collected in museums and private collections in this country and around the world. The space, originally built in 1893 as a commercial manufacturing building, delivers a refreshing industrial meets contemporary atmosphere.


Presenting vibrant and eclectic exhibitions, JoAnne’s artists are rooted in her passion for the artist's individual voice and mastery of technique. JoAnne brings with her a chic sensibility grounded in her education of European and American literature and art, and in her own work as an art photographer. Her observant eye behind the lens is now focused on gathering contemporary works of art from the most exciting artists working today. 


“For me, art becomes a kind of story whose secrets are waiting to be revealed by you, the admirer. I love moving with that connection between the art and the artist, and the one patron who is captivated by a canvas or sculpture. Each one of us brings our own story to the art.”


JoAnne’s first entry into the art gallery scene in California was launched with culturally diverse artists where she attracted international attention from enthusiastic collectors. The successful gallery in Laguna Beach will continue to supply a stream of contemporary artworks to the new Chelsea location. After more than ten years, the move to Chelsea is all about timing.


Join JoAnne as she presents her inaugural exhibition, America Martin: The Boxer Series. You become the fan and spectator, watching in singular obsession as artistry in motion spills over the canvas. Visually stimulating and emotionally penetrating, America delivers that one-two punch. It’s all here.


“I’m looking forward to what is ahead as an active member of this great Chelsea neighborhood, developing new relationships with collectors and connecting with other NYC gallerists. Stepping into the history and continuing relevance of this artistic community is an absolute dream.”


And So It Begins…

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